Selecting a Good PAT testing company for your business, organisation or property is certainly not the easiest decision that you will ever have to make. There are many different companies offering their services to you, and even the possibility of doing the testing for yourself (once properly certified and with the correct equipment). Myths and rumours abound surrounding the choice you will need to make to ensure that all of your electrical appliances are tested, so as to prevent accidental injury to your employees.


Good Pat Testing Company PlymouthThis information is designed help you to make the best choice for a PAT testing company to meet your particular needs. We’ll take a look at some of the common misconceptions that could prevent you from choosing some companies, as well as the points to look out for to ensure that you receive the best service possible.


Considering the Cost

One consideration that is bound to weigh in your mind when selecting a PAT testing company is how much they are likely to charge for their services. Large organisations will happily tell you that the smaller businesses will only offer you cheaper rates because they cut corners, and don’t offer you the best service. It is important to remember though, that the larger the organisation the more overheads said organisation will have. Office space, staff, company vehicles and more; you could end up paying more to cover these costs for the company, so it’s no wonder that they will try to put you off using a cheaper organisation that is usually just as good.

Considering the Service

The most expensive PAT testing company will not necessarily provide you with the best service, but on the other hand the cheapest organisation may not be the best for your needs. Before making your selection consider exactly how you will work with your PAT testing company. Is it important that the company comes to test your equipment out of hours? Are you looking for as little interaction with the testers as possible? Or would you rather see them and their work as they progress? By considering the answers to these questions you’ll be able to find the best service for you and your employees or tenants.

Considering the Company

The horror stories that you may hear of organisations that simply stick labels on electrical appliances without actually testing them are certainly based on fact. In some PAT testing companies, engineers are paid based on how many tests they can complete within a day. This pressure can lead to sloppy work, and the increasing temptation for employees to take shortcuts. Fortunately though, by following these simple steps, you can find a company that will provide you with an excellent service:


  • Read reviews of the companies that you are considering. People are more than happy to share their experiences with their PAT testing company, so listen to recommendations and read reviews to ensure that the service you receive is adequate for your needs.


  • Ensure that the engineers are fully qualified. All PAT testing engineers should be qualified to the City & Guilds 2377 standard. It is within your rights to ask the evidence of this qualification should you desire it.


  • Check for hidden charges that could dramatically increase your costs. Before agreeing to the cost of a quote, you should ensure that there are no hidden charges that could dramatically increase the cost of your PAT testing. Some companies will charge you for labels, for a printout of results and for the changing of fuses in plugs.


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