When it comes to trading in business in and around Plymouth PAT testing is extremely important – especially if you are responsible for a number of employees and their safety.  PAT testing may not be a legal requirement in itself, but you have a duty to your employees and even your customers to ensure that any small or portable appliances in use are safe to use and have passed all regulatory checks.  This is to ensure that your business adheres to policies laid out by the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).  Whether you’re operating in London, Land’s End, Portsmouth or Plymouth PAT testing will apply to you if you depend upon the provision of small appliances in your everyday operation.  It’s that simple!

You may not even be aware that you need PAT testing – no matter if you’re running a café, a bookmaker’s, a printing firm or a butcher’s shop, all of these businesses possess electrical items that can be considered portable.  PAT testing is carried out on appliances on a property-by-property basis, tenanted or industrial – meaning that, if your staff or customers use a small or moveable appliance on a regular basis, it’s essential that you have such equipment declared safe to use.  Whether in London or in Plymouth PAT testing should be carried out on an annual basis so that you, your customers and your staff can be kept safe at all times.

For more information on Plymouth PAT testing and how I can help ensure that your appliances are safe to use for the year ahead, call me, Dave Prout, on my landline 01752261467, my mobile phone 07877168149, or email me via the web form for a free quote.  As a PAT testing expert with considerable experience in the trade and a certified City and Guilds qualification, I’ll make sure that all of your appliances are tested thoroughly.  When it comes to keeping you, your staff and your public safe, cut no corners!  Contact me today and I’ll make sure you’re covered.

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