Pat testing service Plymouth Welcome. Providing a Portable Appliance Testing for voluntary sector organisations, community centres, small businesses, housing associations, stall holders, the performing arts, church halls, private landlords, residential care home owners and many others in and around Plymouth Devon, Dave Prout Plymouth Sparky We strive to provide a service for our valued customers,… Continue Reading

WHAT NEEDS TO BE PAT TESTED? Determining what needs to be PAT tested is not as difficult as it sounds. For the purpose of legislation, portable appliances include all equipment that is not part of a fixed installation but is meant to be connected to a fixed installation or generator. Any appliance that uses a… Continue Reading

Fixed Appliance Testing Why you need Fixed Appliance Testing Is your business controlling its electrical risks or is there more you could be doing? Fixed Appliance Testing is an aspect of electrical testing which is frequently neglected by business owners and landlords but it is just as important as PAT Testing. We take it for granted that… Continue Reading

Portable appliance testing in plymouth – Who is responsible? Who is Responsible The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) requires, every employer to ensure that work equipment is suitable for the purpose for which it is provided, only used in the place and under the provisions for which it is provided. It… Continue Reading

PAT is the abbreviation for Portable Appliance Testing – an electrical device that tests appliances and equipment for electrical safety. There are three stages to PAT testing: The first test checks the appliance is securely earthed inside the equipment, mains plug and cable – known as earth continuity. If earthed correctly, in the event of… Continue Reading

What is PAT Testing ? PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is an essential process for organisations that involves checking over anything that is deemed to be a portable appliance for electrical safety. Since countless accidents happen every year at home and at places of work because of faulty portable appliances, the process of carrying out PAT… Continue Reading

Pat Testing Saves Lives – Pat Testing Plymouth While PAT testing is not required by law, it is strongly encouraged. By testing your portable electronics and appliances, you significantly reduce the likelihood of fire, accident, and injury. Over 5,000 fires and accidents are cause each year by faulty appliances, most of which could be avoided… Continue Reading

WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS REGULAR PAT TESTING When it comes to trading in business in and around Plymouth PAT testing is extremely important – especially if you are responsible for a number of employees and their safety.  PAT testing may not be a legal requirement in itself, but you have a duty to your employees… Continue Reading

Halifax Home Insurance is warning of the importance of electrical safety following recent a survey showing that one-in-four second-hand electrical goods failed a standard safety check. On average, 2,500 people are being killed or injured every year in electrical fires and Halifax Home Insurance confirmed that one fifth of household fire insurance claims are caused… Continue Reading