The Benefits of Portable Appliance Testing
When it comes to safety, prevention is always the best cure. That’s why regular pat testing is so important for businesses – it can help identify any potential hazards before they cause an accident. And if there’s one place in Plymouth that knows all about pat testing, it’s Plymouth Sparky Lt! They offer a comprehensive service that covers everything from electrical appliances to fire extinguishers, so you can rest assured your business is safe and sound. Contact them today to book your appointment!

So if you’re in Plymouth and need your appliances tested, give us a call today. We’re always happy to help our local businesses and market traders stay safe and compliant with the law. And who knows, you might even save a few pennies in the process! Thanks for reading.

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Plymouth Pat Testing

Our new engineer Hannah is available to take on your Portable Appliance Testing. Pat Testing Plymouth Appointments Available now. Call our Customer Services to book your appointment 01752 905260 If you run a business or let out a property it is your responsibility to make sure your electrical systems and equipment remain safe to use… Continue Reading

Our new engineer Hannah is available to do your pat testing. Pat testing is Available in Plymouth so if you have a business and or look after staff it is your responsibility to make sure these items are electrically safe. The best way to do this is to employ a company like ours to carry… Continue Reading

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Today we are Pat Testing holiday lets in Plymouth and Modbury for landlords who take a responsible approach. Unlike gas, there is no legal requirement for you to PAT Test your Holiday Let. However, landlords are required, by law, to ensure that all electrical appliances within the property are safe for use. Everything from the… Continue Reading

Portable Appliance Tests or PATs are an electrical check carried out on ‘movable’ items such as kettles, microwaves, hoovers, table lamps, toasters and coffee machines and many electricians will tell you they must be carried out before tenants move into a property. Portable Appliance Testing and the Law Legally speaking this is not true. There… Continue Reading

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Hair salon’s electrical equipment must be tested regularly No matter where you work, under the law, therapists and their employers have a number of health and safety responsibilities – especially where electrical equipment is concerned. PAT is the abbreviation for Portable Appliance Testing – an electrical device that tests appliances and equipment for electrical safety.… Continue Reading