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Plymouth Sparky helps you cover your health and safety responsibilities as a business or employer.

PAT Testing & Electrical Inspection in Plymouth Plymouth Sparky is a trusted company specializing in all types of electrical testing. EICR, PIR, Periodic Inspection, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates, Pat Testing. PAT Testing & Electrical Inspection in Plymouth.

PAT Testing Fast reliable PAT Testing Calibrated PAT testing equipment Qualified Electrician Certificate and logs emailed in PDF format.

Quality service and Price – Have both your Pat Testing and Electrical Condition Report done together and save 10% on Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Plymouth PAT Testing can be carried out at various premises; Please see below; Pat Testing Plymouth Landlords Properties. Tenanted Properties. Salons Building Sites with 110v Equipment Shops. Offices. Commercial Premises. Industrial Premises. Mobile Catering Units Within the workplace; where electrical appliances are supplied.

No matter where you work, under the law, Employers & Landlords have several health and safety responsibilities – especially where electrical equipment is concerned. We ensure that all our work is carried out by a certified engineer, & experienced Pat Testing engineer, fully qualified City & Guilds 2377-22 to ensure expertise. Thus showing you have carried out a duty of care in your workplace.

All testing is carried out in compliance with the IEE Code of Practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Throughout the procedure, all items tested will receive a detailed self-adhesive label stating pass or fail status as well as other information. Also, a full report stating every appliance tested and their results will be issued electronically upon completion of works.

Pat testing is a necessity in every business sector. A portable appliance is simply any item with a plug attached, ranging from computer power supplies, fax machines, printers, etc. to fridges, microwaves, and washing machines as well as 110v power tools and leads for use on construction sites. Important reasons for testing To comply with Electricity at Work Regulations To comply with the Insurance Company policy to avoid any possible dispute following a claim resulting in damage from a faulty portable appliance. Your Insurance May Be Invalid Without PAT Testing! An ever-increasing number of insurance companies now also stipulate that PAT Testing is to be carried out as a condition of their policy. Many company insurance policies are today stipulate the requirement of frequent PAT testing to be carried out by a competent and regulated third party for the terms of your building insurance policy to remain valid after the event of a fire. If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of fire, a failure to prove PAT testing has been carried out may mean your insurance cover is invalid. Please note that all demountable power leads (kettles, laptop chargers, PCs, monitors, etc) require a separate test, hence this should be factored into your cost estimates.

Pat Testing Plymouth An ever-increasing number of insurance companies now also stipulate that PAT Testing is to be carried out as a condition of their policy. PAT Testing; or otherwise known as portable appliance testing; is the electrical safety testing of portable appliances. PAT testing is carried out on all portable; and some fixed appliances on a property. These include tenanted; commercial and industrial premises. PAT testing is an important part of any health and safety procedure. It should be taken very seriously within the workplace. This in effect; requires you to implement a regular program of maintenance. Which includes inspection and testing of appliances. The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974); places such an obligation in the following circumstances: Where appliances are used by employees. Where the public may use appliances in certain places; These include hospitals; schools; hotels; and shops Where appliances are supplied or hired. Where appliances are repaired or serviced.

All portable appliances; will have an annual re-test date on them. This is to ensure that they are always safe. For you; your employees and tenants. Integrated portable appliances; where the plug point is not accessible. will usually require an earth test and a visual inspection; as these are not always able to be tested.

PAT Testing is currently not considered a legal requirement. Although there is plenty of talks that this may change. The electricity at works act; “explains that maintenance and regular testing” of portable equipment. This act is also backed up by the health and safety at work act 1974. Here it firmly places the duty of care upon both the employer and employee. Its to ensure the safety of all persons using appliances on work premises. Keeping records and providing certification of portable appliances is important. It’s also a great way of proving health and safety; reliving the company of responsibility in some cases should an accident arise. It should be noted that a PAT Test is required with most councils.

When a private landlord is renting a furnished property. This is also becoming the case; with more insurance companies: as they look to make sure; most properties they are insuring are safe. Pat Testing Plymouth Who should carry out my PAT Testing? It is said that a short course can qualify you to carry a PAT Test. This being said; we still recommend you use an electrician; who is registered with either Stroma, NICEIC, or NAPIT.

Plymouth Pat Testing portable appliance testing Plymouth It is run by David Prout a qualified Electrician and employs a small qualified team to help you with your portable appliance testing.

Pat Testing Plymouth News IET Code of Practice 4th Edition due for publication in November 2012. Fire brigade urges everyone who has a BEKO fridge freezer to check it more.. Product recalls of faulty goods rise by 20%. The survey by Halifax finds a quarter of second-hand electrical appliances failed basic safety tests.

The frequency of inspection and testing depends upon the type of equipment and the environment it is used in. For example, a power tool used on a construction site should be examined more frequently than a lamp in a hotel bedroom. For guidance on suggested frequencies of inspection and testing, see: Maintaining portable and transportable electrical equipment.

Fixed Appliance Testing Plymouth Why you need Fixed Appliance Testing

Is your business controlling its electrical risks or is there more you could be doing? Fixed Appliance Testing is an aspect of electrical testing which is frequently neglected by business owners and landlords but it is just as important as PAT Testing.

We take it for granted that the fixed appliances we use constantly, such as storage heaters, cookers, and hand driers will be fine but, any electrical item which undergoes regular use is susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, the importance of regular electrical testing of your rented or company’s electrical equipment cannot be emphasized enough from both a Health & Safety and liability perspective.

What is a fixed appliance? A fixed appliance is an electrical appliance that is usually connected to the electricity supply via a fused outlet to which the flex is permanently connected. Fixed appliance examples are storage heaters, hand dryers, cookers, machine tools.

Fixed Appliance Testing Plymouth Do you Rent Your Property You have probably heard this repeated before but all employers, organizations, and landlords must meet numerous Health and Safety requirements and one of how this can be done is by choosing us to help you! Our Fixed Appliance Testing service can include. PAT testing information Electrician Plymouth

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